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The Autumn Portal

A beautiful woman standing in the river laughing
photo by Rebecca Seger @rebeccasegerphotography

Welcome to the Western Portal of Autumn, where the ever-flowing Water Spirit lives on the Medicine Wheel. The Water carries us from the more active and dynamic yang energies of Spring and Summer into the surrendered and softened yin energies of Fall and Winter.

The Water purifies. This is a time for Introspection, Cleansing, and Letting Go. The Water flows through and encourages us to release and let go of old stories and patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk. We are assessing and reflecting, and preparing our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits for the inevitable slowdown of the Earthen Portal of Winter, where we enter the Dream realm.

Sometimes there are also waves of deep grief, especially in these times. Deep grief and helplessness. For women, our wombs are deeply connected to the Waters. Our oceanic emotional bodies run deep, for they are the portals that can birth souls and creation. We feel the screams of all the Mothers and children. As important and imperative as it is to honor the waves and allow the emotions - we cannot stay there.

We look into the reflection of our inner worlds and shift into a more authentic version of our truest selves. No more swimming upstream against the flow, trying and doing beyond our capacity.

We surrender and release that which is weighing us down and no longer serving our expansion.

Calling In The Western Portal

Season: Autumn

Element: Water

Moon Phase: Waning

Celebrations: Fall Equinox (Mabon), Samhain (Halloween), Day of the Dead

Energies: waning, wisdom, harvesting, retreating, rest, going inward, release, grief, mysteries, dreaming, intuition, magick

Plant Spirits: root medicines - burdock, dandelion, marshmallow, valerian

Mushroom medicine - shiitake, turkey tail, reishi

Mind & Heart Softening - Rose, Skullcap, Blue Vervain, Tulsi, Motherwort

Immune Support - elderberries, thyme, echinacea

On the Medicine Wheel, the Water element corresponds to the West, Autumn, and Dusk. We shift from the yang air/spring and fire/summer to yin energy in Autumn and Winter. Autumn is a time of introspection, self-reflection, and emotional awareness. There is an energy of surrender and letting go. Think of a River flowing ~ this is not a time for fighting or resisting ~ but rather a “go with the flow” attitude.

Journal Prompt: What do your inner waters feel like? Are your emotions stagnant or flowing strongly?

Working with Root Medicine

Fall roots tend to be more nutritive than in the spring; the plants are storing all their sugars and energies deep down for the long winter ahead. We wait until the plant has dried back and the energy of the plant has traveled back down and in. Roots energetically connect us to the energy and frequency of the earth - the earth's pace is slow and unhurried. Harvesting, drying, and making medicine with roots takes some time, patience, and a bit of physical strength, but the rewards are beyond plentiful.

TIP: If you wait till after a fresh rain storm has passed through and the soil is damp, roots become much easier to harvest.

The plants make us so happy :)

This is a reminder to feed the Light. Intentionally every day. Look at your own darkness, peel the layers slowly, reflect, and stay connected with Earth. Mama Gaia will always aid your awakening and evolution.

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