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An invitation to drop into a brave portal of transformation, allowing yourself to be held and supported within a larger circle and community of wombmen!


We are excited in the 5th year of this special immersive weekend of spiral sisterhood to relaunch the branding under a new name.  This weekend is so very sacred to all of the women who have been a part of it for the last several years and as those who have attended know, it is much more than a weekend of herbalism.

So we are opening doors to come and spend the weekend listening, learning and loving with yourself in wild woman ways.

This is a Homecoming. A returning to Self.

To gather with intention and honor the deep desire for authentic connection is something we all long for. Once you experience an intimate community of unconditional support, surrounded by women softened into their feminine in a way they didn't know possible, you will be forever changed.

Come exactly as you are, not as you think you “should be”.

You Deserve this, Wombman.

To experience feeling seen, honored, and held in your fullest expression and to have the experience of being supported in community in this way is a gift that will permanently shift your inner landscape, and bring many moments of remembering. A feeling of coming home to yourself. A DEEP REMEMBRANCE.

Our weekend will be greatly entwined and entangled within the root and mycelial networks below our feet,

as we connect deeply with the plants and earth medicine surrounding us.


July 14-16 2023 | Durham, Maine

ReWilding Retreat Details

We begin the weekend in ceremony, calling in the directions and elements, blessing and opening our weekend circle as a safe and sacred container. Our weekend features interactive and transformative educational workshops hosted by inspiring and supportive teachers. The co-creative learning experience will be nourished by the incredible healing food cooked by the amazing chef Sarah Korman. 

Join us for an Alchemy of Sound portal with Lauren Aloisis of New Moon Wellness as well as a Dream Weaving nature workshop with Kate Gaudette, just to name a couple of our special guests! The first fire will be accompanied by a Tea Ceremony with Plant Spirit Journey along with intoxicating herbal mocktail libations. On Saturday, we gather to celebrate our time together with a guided movement experience and Wild Fire Portal featuring a drum circle under the stars! 

Experience Includes

  • Friday - Sunday Meals: 2 Dinners, 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches

  • Nourishing Snacks, Fruit, and Tea + Elixir Bar

  • All Workshops and Classes throughout the weekend

  • A Custom Spiral Mug by Ellie at HoneyBee Stoneware

  • Welcome Bag with little offerings from teachers

  • Camping anywhere on the land

  • Cold Tubs and Sauna for the Weekend (if desired, we definitely were thankful for the ice tubs last year!)

  • A Forever changed and inspired feminine Soul ~ Guaranteed 🙂