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Return to Earth Mother
Return to the Self 

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Throughout the last 14 years of my healing journey, I have gone through many different seasons and there have been layers-upon-layers to peel back and alchemize. I have been medication and narcotic free for 12 years now, and my passion is sharing the world of herbal medicine through a psycho-spiritual, trauma-informed lens.

Mental Health 

I think it's very safe to say that this work and offering is critical in the times we currently live in. There is deep confusion, anger and resentment, desperation, hopelessness, enormous grief, and anxiety - sometimes swallowing us whole and keeping us in this cyclical fear loop. Not only that, our society is built and literally thrives off of trauma. The modern world as we know it very literally creates the conditions of emotional and mental turmoil and confusion. Passed down from generations, for some of us, it has always been our “normal” and we often function in fight/flight mode. rauma and emotional turmoil, when left unprocessed and unacknowledged, gets stuck in our bodies and festers in our tissues and fascia. From a young age, some of us are taught that being an emotional creature is not “normal”. We are taught to suppress and deny any sort of negative emotion, and if we allow it space to release there is “something wrong with us”. What comes next? Often times a trip to a medical professional of sorts who is trained to diagnose and labels us, following with a prescription on top. Backwards? Indeed.

Reconnection &

As human beings incarnated into this earth body - we long for meaning and purpose. This is our birthright - to contemplate these notions, and to experience the full spectrum of the emotional body. Deep Pain, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Grief, and most importantly, Love - are incredibly important emotional experiences which teach us lessons and bring meaning to our earthly lives. While the system to address adverse and painful emotions is backwards - there are many practices we can implement to support ourselves in allowing these emotions to resurface, and to cultivate deep healing on a cellular level. The path of plant medicine has provided me with an immense amount of healing - not only through the way they support the physical body, but also the deep healing the earth’s medicine provides our Soul. In this full-day workshop, we will explore the notion of trauma and stress and how they affect our bodies in a physical, spiritual, and emotional way - and learn about my favorite plants to support healing and emotional wellness in a sustainable way. We will have the opportunity to learn how to make a tincture or glycerite to take home.

This event has been postponed until a future date!

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