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This is an invitation to drop in to our local community of wombmen as we support each other in a sacred circle of authentic sharing, releasing, and creating new paradigms within and without.


Each month we will have opportunities to share and hold space for one another as we navigate this yearning for deeper healing and connection.


We will gather in my beautiful apothecary space at our farm in Durham, Maine. This is an intimate monthly workshop & gathering and registration is required, as space is very limited.

We are all walking through very uncertain, transformative, often challenging times right now.  Surrendering to the unknown is our greatest lesson...

Trusting in Divine Timing and Purpose,

Wholeheartedly believing community and rising together is the way forward.

We can support each others softening when the world wants us to harden our hearts. Lets choose to open.

~Spiral Sister Host & Earth Spiral Ministries Co-Founder Kelly Benson

Spiral Sister Monthly Herb Circle ~
Please see below for October's circle details and schedule!

When: Thursday  October 12th  2024


Schedule (slightly flexible, but sticking closely to it)

  • 430-5  Arrival

  • 5.      Circle Casting and Herbal Musings ~ The Water Element & Sacral Chakra Plants

  • 6.     Plant Spirit Tea Meditation with Mugwort and Sharing Circle

  • 7      Medicine Making ~ Create your Own Womb Oil

  • 8(ish)  Potluck and Fire Hangs if Weather Permits


Calling in the Sacred Waters &
Welcoming the West Portal of Autumn

Within the Wheel of the Year, we welcome the portal of the West and the Water Element in the season of Autumn. October's circle will be all about the water element and sacral chakra within plants and people. What do your inner waters feel like? Are you emotions stagnant or flowing strongly? Are your tissues dry and parched, and your emotional body aching for release? We will drop in with these inquiries as well as connect about what the water element and sacral energies embody within the plant kingdom.

While I will share about some other plants that correspond to these energies, our Plant of the Month for our Plant Spirit Meditation will be Artemisia vulgaris, or Mugwort, which is abundant here in Maine. Her gifts are many, and I am looking forward to guiding you on this sacred inner exploration as you meet her in the unseen realms of your imagination. We will have time for an authentic and often vulnerable share, and finish the evening with self-massage and creating our own womb oils to take home!

This is an intimate circle of 13, please see payment options below. I look forward to sharing about these plants and energies of the Water Element with you!

Space is Limited ~ Reserve Your Spot Here!

  • Spiral Sister Standard

    One Time Purchase ~ The Middle Road
    Valid for one month
    • One Month of Spiral Sister Herb Circle
  • Spiral Sister ~ Needing Support Option

    One Time Purchase ~ For Those Experiencing Financial Hardship
    Valid for one month
    • One month of Spiral Sister Herb Circle
  • Spiral Sister ~ Pay it Forward!

    One Time Purchase ~ For those currently aligned with greater abundance
    Valid for one month
    • One Month of Spiral Sister Herb Circle

Important Notes on enrollment and cancellation:

Cancellations made within 24 hours of event date are non-refundable. If you sign up to pay cash and cancel within 24 hours multiple times you will be asked to refrain from reserving a spot again.

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