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This is an invitation to drop in to our local community of wombmen as we support each other in a sacred circle of authentic sharing, releasing, and creating new paradigms within and without.


Each month we will have opportunities to share and hold space for one another as we navigate this yearning for deeper healing and connection.


We will gather in my beautiful apothecary space at our farm in Durham, Maine. This is an intimate monthly workshop & gathering and registration is required, as space is very limited.

We are all walking through very uncertain, transformative, often challenging times right now.  Surrendering to the unknown is our greatest lesson...

Trusting in Divine Timing and Purpose,

Wholeheartedly believing community and rising together is the way forward.

We can support each others softening when the world wants us to harden our hearts. Lets choose to open.

Spiral Sister Monthly Herb Circle ~ FEBRUARY 29th

When: Thursday ~  February 29th, 2024


Schedule (slightly flexible)

  • 430-5  Arrival

  • 5 -8PM Circle 


The Northern Earth Portal

Join us for an evening of prayer, self-inquiry, and ritual as we gather to connect and hold space for our collective healing.

As we come towards the end of our Northern Portal of Winter - we honor the beginning of the shift of Earth into Air.

We are not yet in the Eastern Air Elemental energies of Spring- we are still tending to our seeds under dark and rich earthen soils as they begin to sprout their intentions for the year. 

For our February Plant Wisdom Circle, we will be working with Burdock Root in our plant spirit tea meditation, allowing his grounding energy to root us deeply into our bodies. We will learn all about the Earth element as it relates to plants and people through self-inquiry meditation, journaling and our embodied herb-tasting portal. We will connect and share about the seeds we are sprouting from our own earthen darkness of winter. 

This is an intimate evening and is limited to 13 women.


Image by Dmitry Bukhantsov


articum lappa

Family : Asteraceae

Botanical Description: a biennial 

which grows as a rosette in the first year close to the earth. The second year the plant can grow up to 9ft tall. The clustered flowers are purple and covered in hooked bracts that catch on animal fur and clothing. Burdock has a large tap root that can grow up to 3ft deep and has large fluffy leaves. 


 Planet: Jupiter 

 Element: Earth 

Actions : 

  • detoxifying 

  • nutritive 

  • alterative 

  • bitter tonic 

  • lymphatic 

  • dieretic 


energetics: Cold & Dry 

The wisdom of the Earth below, and the guidance of the cosmos and heavens, are married right in your very own body, through your sacred heart center. We draw our stability and power up from the Earth into our Earth-body, into our physical shell, and in that vessel hold the space for magic to occur, for deeper healing to take place. It all begins with the ROOT, the Earth of our being.

The Northern Portal

Earth Spiral Retreat 2023 - JL Photo-242.jpg

Season : Winter

The Northern Portal, with the Earth element as its guardian invites us to root back down. To truly find rest, or even re-learn how to rest. 

When we learn to properly ground into our bodies in a balanced and healthy way, we can connect with the magic gifts of the Earth element in abundance and strength. 

Untitled design-3.png

Root Down

Taste: Sweet, Astringent | Morphology: Roots

In Herbal medicine practices we can connect to the Earth element through 

root, trees and mushroom medicines. Large and stable spirits that tend to the body through the rest + digest process, adapting the body through stress and gently stablize. 

Untitled design-4.png
  • Spiral Sister Standard

    One Time Purchase ~ The Middle Road
    Valid for one month
    • One Month of Spiral Sister Herb Circle
  • Spiral Sister ~ Needing Support Option

    One Time Purchase ~ For Those Experiencing Financial Hardship
    Valid for one month
    • One month of Spiral Sister Herb Circle
  • Spiral Sister ~ Pay it Forward!

    One Time Purchase ~ For those currently aligned with greater abundance
    Valid for one month
    • One Month of Spiral Sister Herb Circle
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