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This is an invitation to drop in to our local community of wombmen as we support each other in a sacred circle of authentic sharing, releasing, and creating new paradigms within and without.


Each month we will explore a different element and Chakra within our inner energetic architecture, and have opportunities to share and hold space for one another as we navigate this yearning for deeper healing and connection.


We will gather in my beautiful apothecary space at our farm in Durham, Maine. This is an intimate monthly workshop & gathering for members of Earth Spiral Ministries and registration is required, as space is very limited.

We are all walking through very uncertain, transformative, often challenging times right now.  Surrendering to the unknown is our greatest lesson...

Trusting in Divine Timing and Purpose,

Wholeheartedly believing community

and banding together is the way forward.

We can support each others softening when the world wants us to harden our hearts. Lets choose to open.

~Spiral Sister Host & Earth Spiral Ministries Co-Founder Kelly Benson

Spiral Sister Circle Experience ~
Please stay tuned for April's theme and registration.

When: First Thursdays of the month. There will be 8 community sauna registration spots and 5 regular attendee spaces. Spots will be limited so please sign up early.


Schedule (slightly flexible, but sticking closely to it)

  • 430-5 Arrival

  • 5pm Circle Casting and Tea Ceremony

  • 530 ~ Sacred Circle Deep Dives

  • 730pm Potluck, Connection, Saunas & Tea Bar

Community Sauna access will be available for those who choose one of our 8 available sauna spots. The time slots for the sauna use will be small groups of 4 held in two sessions. 

Round one: 8:00 - 9:00pm

Round two: 9:00 - 10:00pm


Ongoing Community : Gathering Together Online

Participation also includes access to our private Mighty Networks online community portal where we can share resources and musings with each other ongoing throughout the support journey together.

Here is a list of possible circle offerings:

Tea Ceremonies with Guided Plant Spirit Meditations

Group Ritual

Deep Dive Chakra Exploration

Guided meditation journeys or Yoga Nidras

Intentional Movement/ Bioenergetics

Ecstatic Dance

Partner Work

Grief Portal

Ancestral Trauma Wound Exploration

Smudge Making Circle

Oracle Card circle

Fire Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony


April 6th Circle ~  Tending the Seeds of Change

Spring is here, and through it the Element of Air on the Wheel of the Year graces us with energies of rebirth and renewal. The birds return from the South, hibernating animals are awakening, and we revel in this time of opportunity to Blossom the seeds we have been sowing and tending to through the darkness.


This month we will work with seeds, physically through a seed swap and planting ritual, as well as metaphorically through meditation and movement. 


As we have just gone through our vernal equinox and Ostara celebrations, we will focus on the inner seeds we have watered and nurtured over the dark winter months, and how we can bring life to our intentions, visions, and goals for this year. We will choose a plant to work with for the season representing this unfolding of energies and intentions, plant in a lil clay pot, and then decorate it. We will talk about what it means to “court” this seed we planted and how to carry this through the season.

All materials are provided, including a variety of seeds, but you may bring your own special seeds if you are feeling called to a particular plant to court!


Potluck, Sauna, &  Community Connection after our circle closes.

There are 8 community sauna spots @75$ ~ 4 at a time in sauna  ~ 8:00 - 9:00 & 9:00-10:00

And 5 regular registration spots @50$

We will be offering 3 "Pay what you can" spaces each month on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in one of these discounted spots, please fill out our inquiry form (check the box for Spiral Sister) and share your request via this short form.

Steps to reserve your seat at the Spiral Sister Circle:

1. Select your participation level if you wish to reserve a sauna spot

2. Select monthly payment or a discounted season pass

3. Make payment to reserve your seat at our upcoming circle

Reserving your spot

Monthly payment

  • Spiral Sister Circle

    One Time Purchase
    Valid for one month
    • Live in-person circle each month
    • Access to private online communtiy
  • Best Value

    Spiral Sister PLUS

    Attend our circle and stay for a sauna!
    Valid for one month
    • In-person gathering
    • Access to private online community
    • Monthly Sauna Session: 1 hr group visit

Important Notes on enrollment and cancellation:

Cancel subscription anytime - must be before 7 days of next billing cycle. No pro-rated refund if cancelled mid month. If you are only interested in joining for one month only, you can cancel your subscription after you have paid for your participation and will not be charged for another round.

If you can only join at a later month and want to reserve your spot now, please set up your subscription and email us with what month you would like to attend and we can reserve your seat. / subject "refund"

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