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“It is my intention to support you in being your own healer and creator of your life experience.

We work together to deeply root your soul into your physical body.

I will provide very personalized support with a combination of medicinal herbs, education and empowerment on making your own medicine, and somatic focused trauma healing support. ”

~ Kelly Benson,  Earth Spiral Co-Founder

You Are The Medicine


Personalized Healing Support

It is my intention is to hold space for your healing journey to unfurl, as we begin the work of peeling back the layers of imbalance within your body, mind, and soul aspects of your current life experience.


During these one on one sessions, I will offer deep connection and a multidimensional approach and perspective. We will work together to co-create a customized support protocol. My intention is to empower you to heal through embodying the sacred polarity of life on earth, and take full radical responsibility and full control of your own healing journey.

Definition: somatics

any practice activating mind-body connection as survey to healing and health

I am taking the rest of the year off from clinical work to move our farm and home ~ and have a baby!

Healing Journey

We begin with a free 20 minute introductory session virtually on Zoom. I will share about the way I work with herbs and my intentions when working with private clients, and we can decide together if I am the right person to guide and empower you on your healing journey. We connect about your body, mind, and spirit imbalances and your goals for working together.

If we decide to move forward, we will deep dive through my comprehensive intake and customize a treatment protocol for you. This initial intake is about 1.5-2 hours long. We connect about your body, mind, and spirit imbalances and your goals for working together.  I prefer to work with clients for a minimum of 3 months,

however if you are desiring support for an acute health situation,

single sessions and mini follow-ups are available.

Custom packages may include:

  • Personalized herbal support, education, & empowerment

  • Personalized bioenergetics, yoga, or movement sequences

  • Mindfulness practices & Plant Spirit work

  • Healy Frequency Medicine (check out the healy here)

  • Nutrition & lifestyle recommendations & guidance

Multi-Session packages available, this can be as simple or as

comprehensive as you desire. Please see below for options, and

click the boxes for detailed descriptions.

Please keep in mind that I am not an allopathic herbalist,

and it is my intention to support you in untangling the web of

imbalances and provide you with tools, herbs, and guidance to

heal more deeply than surface level symptoms. This includes

energetic and emotional body inquiry and support, for they are not

separate from our physical health. Whole-human healing.

I have no desire to practice bandaid herbalism, as the imbalance

will be suppressed, but lodge deeper into your body.

*** I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose or treat specific illnesses. I do not prescribe anything.

I am an herbalist and mentor, here to reconnect you to the Earth and the medicine she provides, as well as support you in coming home to your body through nutrition, herbs, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle shifting.

Kelly will see private clients online via live video session


In connected human form at our Apothecary and Farm in Durham, Maine.

Arrival details & address provided upon receipt of payment.

**** I offer two sliding scale spots per month for the connected intro offers below.

Please email to inquire.


Do you have an inquiry about The Spiral Path journey?

Simply fill out our short form below and someone from our team will contact you!

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