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Let’s drop all of the notions of intense restrictions, harmful self-pressure, and majorly shifting our identity into a “new me” “New Year’s resolutions” often leave us in self-shame swirls when we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and go heavy on the cleansing, restrictions, and the wrong kind of movement.


Earth's pace is slowww. This is our time of rest here in the Northern Hemisphere, and honoring these energies of rest and dropping into deep dream time will really support the expansion and rebirth that comes with the Airs of Spring.

Now is not the time to be pushing too hard, doing too much, and over-exerting. This is the time for reflection, rest, dreaming, and planning for the year ahead. It’s important to know that this declaration of “new year” is through the lens of the patriarchal Gregorian calendar. The start of the new year according to the zodiac is actually the Spring Equinox, the beginning of Aries season. This is when the true emergence out of the earthen energies of Winter really begins in greater capacity. So, as I like to honor the slowness of this time of year and integrate the lessons as they reveal themselves, it is my intention to be a guide in sincere self-reflection, intentional releasing physically and energetically, and deep DEEP nourishment. We will do this together. I will be indulging in this opportunity for growth and bigger self-knowing right alongside you.


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So, as I like to honor the slowness of this time of year and integrate the lessons as the reveal themselves, it is my intention to be a guide in sincere self-reflection, intentional releasing physically and energetically, and deep DEEP nourishment. We will do this together. I will be indulging in this opportunity for growth and bigger self-knowing right alongside you. 

The Elements will be our gentle guides as we walk through 7 weeks of gentle but powerful shifts. We will be exploring our inner Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether - working with one plant each week and dropping in with specific conversations and prompts that invoke these elemental aspects of ourselves. 

We all contain elemental, planetary, and alchemical aspects. 

These energies and archetypes reside within us all to one degree or another.

There are specific qualities and special potency within each living organism, and that is our unique blueprint - our unique pulse of life - our unique energetic architecture. 

The way the elements, chakras, and planets manifest within you is what makes you beautifully uniquely YOU.


This offering is a combination of pre-recorded video and live online gatherings.

We will be using Mighty Networks as our platform, and it is basically our own personal Facebook. We can post recipes, share challenges, share things we are celebrating, and have a place for authentic connection and support from other like-minded humans ***off of Instagram.

Each Sunday you will receive a recorded share about our weekly elemental theme, some questions to reflect on as you go through your week, a guided inquiry mediation with journal invitations, and some somatic movement practices to commit to for the week. 


We will meet every Thursday evening via zoom from 600-830ish pm EST. These live online circles will hold space for meditations, circle sharing,  educational goodies, or Q&A, which will all be recorded and shared with you if you can not make it. 


There will be plenty of self-guided material - including journal prompts, playlists, podcasts, and herbal musings and suggestions to support balancing these elements within.

We will also be working with one plant each week that is in alignment with our element, and we will be learning about that plant through tea meditation as well as a sweet recorded deep dive into its benefits, energetics, psycho-spiritual musings, and its alchemical correspondences ~ that you get to keep forever!

We will abstain from processed food, gluten, and sugar throughout our entire journey. We will be abstaining from coffee, dairy, meat, legumes, and grains during certain weeks as well.

This is a gentle cleanse, and we will be focusing on nourishment and caring deeply for our bodies and be very intentional about what we consume.


I personally do not feel January, the time of deep Winter and deep rest is the right time for harsh cleanses and restrictions or cold and raw foods. 

We will be focusing on deep NOURISHMENT,  while also releasing and removing the things that are clouding our cognition and dampening our Soul’s vibration.



  • You are feeling stuck and stagnant within certain patterns and habits that you know you need to change in order to evolve

  • You desire an experience of greater wellness and wholeness within your physical body through gentle nourishment and intention rather than restriction and self-pressure

  • You are aching to go deeper into your own psyche and work through your own reflections of growth and grief  ~ as well as envision a future version of yourself and set intentions for the years ahead

  • You are interested in working with plants in a very intentional and somatic way

  • You are interested in the esoteric and spiritual side of herbalism and alchemical processes

  • You want to learn about your own body and energy, the environment, plants, human beings, and all of life through the lens of the Elemental Forces

  • You want to hibernate and turn your attention inward while simultaneously avoiding isolation and being supported by an intimate circle of women

  • You desire a more embodied and aligned experience of life

  • You desire to learn how to regulate your nervous system in greater capacity

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Release | Reflect | Nourish
7 week container of group healing & connection, 
plant spirit meditation and intentional nourishment

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7 weeks - All Lives will be held on zoom on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm EST. Zooms are 2-3 hours depending on flow. 

Week 1:
January 11th ~ New Moon in Capricorn
For our first connection, we will be gathering to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about what inspired us to join this group healing journey.
We will open our circle by calling in the Elements and their seasonal energies and archetypes, and I will also be sharing an introduction to the content and what to expect from this experience together.

This is an experience of both an inward journey of self-discovery and it is also an opportunity to cultivate authentic connection with the women that are embarking on this journey alongside you!
We will also get an intro to the Mighty Networks platform and how to navigate the space.

January 14th ~ Sunday Elemental Shares & Invitations ~ recorded content
January 18th ~ Zoom 6-830ish

This week we will be exploring the Earth Element within and without. What does your own inner earth feel like? Do you feel connected to the ground underneath you? Do you feel connected to your very own body and flesh and feel safety and comfort there? Do you invest energy into nourishing your own body?
Your physical body is your Soul’s vehicle for this current earthen plane that you have the opportunity to experience, learn from, and grow from.
Plant of the Week: Burdock ~ a perfect Earthen herbal alterative and nutritive to help us break up old stagnancy within our elimination and energetic systems so it can be released.

January 21 ~ Sunday Elemental Shares & Invitations ~ recorded content
January 25th ~ Full Moon in Leo ~ Zoom 6-830ish

It feels so appropriate that our Water Element week is under a full Moon. The Water Element rules the Moon and all things Lunar. The Water Element also corresponds to the Sacral Chakra and governs the emotional body and our inner waters ~ aka the lymphatic system.
Does your emotional body feel contained, overflowing and erratic, or dried up and parched with no emotions flowing?
Do you feel swollen and puffy and hold on to excess water in your body? What do your inner waters feel like?
This week we will be working with Calendula, a classic Water Element and Sacral plant ally.
We will be nourishing our bodies with plenty of water, foods and herbs that support lymphatic drainage and moving stagnation, as well as increasing moisture within our tissues and mucosa which tend to be dry during the winter months.

January 28th ~ Sunday Elemental Shares & Invitations ~ recorded content
February 1st ~ Zoom 6-830ish

We move into the realm of our Inner Flame. This Elemental Force and Archetype is one of action and Source of Will. How does your flame burn? Do you feel like it’s a steady flickering flame or very dimmed and nearly out? Do you find taking action challenging, and get stuck in the comfort of discomfort?
The Fire Element also governs the heart in medical astrology, and our ability to confidently radiate our most authentic selves outwards.
This week we will be working with ginger, warming up our digestive systems and stoking our inner flame of radiance. We will be working with the Solar plexus, Heart, and Sun energies.

February 4th ~ Sunday Elemental Shares & Invitations ~ recorded content
February 8th ~ New Moon in Aquarius ~ Zoom 6-830ish

How lovely to be working with the Air Element during an Aquarian New Moon
Our journey upwards towards the more volatile realms continues as we come into the centers of the upper heart and throat. This is where our authenticity is communicated and expressed into the world. The Air Element governs our breath, which expands our chest and heart space to create more openness.

Does your heart want to communicate anything to you? The heart’s communication capacities are much greater than the mind’s ~ Which the Air Element also governs our thinking and the Nervous System.

Does your Nervous System feel supported and safe, or frazzled and overwhelmed? We will be working with the Element of Air through gentle breath work and nervous system regulation practices.

This week we will be working with Oatstraw and Milky Oats Extract, a quintessential Air Element plant that heals nerve damage and coats and soothes the myelin sheath, supporting the restoration of the Nervous System when worked with consistently. It is also a nutritive tonic and builds up and repairs tissue with its mild sweet demulcent properties.

February 11th ~ Sunday Elemental Shares & Invitations ~ recorded content
February 15th ~ Zoom 6-830ish
We are in the Spirit realm of our time together, and reflecting on our own spiritual practice and the ways in which we can strengthen this connection through the year ahead.

Do you feel connected to your intuition, Higher Self, and the unseen realms?
What is your relationship like to the One Consciousness that vibrates through all living things? Do you have a relationship with God or Spirit?

This week we will be working with our Third Eye and our ability to SEE ~ not see with our physical eyes but the ability to see beyond matter and the material realm and connect with inner truth and knowing.

Tulsi will be our final plant that we work with. The Incomparable One, Queen of Herbs.

Week 7:
February 22nd ~ Final Reflections and Closing Ceremony

Earth Spiral Retreat 2023 - JL Photo-096_websize.jpg

Best Value




7 week online group elemental healing mentorship

Valid for 7 weeks

Pricing Tiers




Every 2 weeks

Three Payment Plan for 7 week group elemental healing mentorship

Valid for 6 weeks

Tree Texture
Elemental Herbalism
Elemental Herbalism
This online offering has been postponed!
Location is TBD
Want to learn one of the most effective ways to approach learning about plant medicine? This class is meant to guide you through this first layer of what is called energetic architecture and support you on your journey to becoming your own alchemist, of your own energy and the plants you work with.

Approaching herbalism from an elemental perspective is one of the most universal and effective ways to apply plants to people. The majority of herbal traditions across all cultures incorporate the elements to some degree or another, including the Greek, Chinese, Western, Ayurvedic, Native, and European traditions.

They are a layer of energetic architecture that is extremely relatable and understandable once you get an embodied grasp of this model. You can practice whole, embodied herbalism successfully simply with an elemental model.


This online class is meant to guide you through this lens which will truly enhance your understanding of how you work with the plants and how they may interact with our energetic architecture. 


~ The Medicine Wheel 

~ Elements in Plants 

~Elemental Reflections in People 

~ The Five Tastes 

~ A deeper dive into each element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Elemental Wholeness


Energetic Exchange: This class is offered at tiered pricing and if you are enrolled in the Spiral Path Apprenticeship this class can go toward your tuition fee. You also receive the recording.

This class is suitable for beginner-intermediate students looking to build out their foundation of herbal knowledge. 


~Interested in taking your plant path even further? Check out the Spiral Path Apprenticeship! This epic and intimate cohort will be held for 10 months Jan-Oct in person at Earth Spiral Community Farm & Apothecary in Durham, ME.  To learn more please check out the dedicated webpage: Spiral Path Apprenticeship

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 4.40.12 PM.png


Hello Everyone!

Kelly here, and I am pleased to finally be offering online workshops and educational opportunities.

I have so much to share, and while I prefer human connection, I am ready to connect more humans to the world of embodied herbalism in greater capacity. Real Wholistic Herbalism. This is not green allopathy, where we are learning to use herbs-for-symptoms. This is whole-human healing. Where we learn about how the sky and the earth are intimately connected. How our energy body is just as important to consider as our physical body when working with plants. We will explore how universal consciousness and the elements manifest through all living things, and that we as humans are not exempt from the Laws of Nature. The Great Spiral of Life.

It is my intention to teach about herbal medicine in a way that combines science and spirit, interwoven together in a delicate dance.


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