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Earth Spiral Community Co-Founder and lead alchemist Kelly Benson is now offering virtual herbal consultations and guided healing journeys via Zoom.

If you wish to learn more about the full experience, click the link "Private Sessions Page" to visit Kelly's new booking page. Or you reserve a session below:

Herb Plants

Coming Soon!

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My intention with Emodied Monthly Medica is to cultivate an embodied relationship with one plant each month. This is such an incredible way to learn about herbal medicine, to truly have an embodied experience where your energy is merging with this plant on a cellular and ethereal level. This information is stored and will not be forgotten from the mind when the body is so intricately involved in the learning process.

~ Kelly Benson, Lead Herbalist & Earth Spiral Community Co-Founder

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Rotating Herbal Classes

Deep dive into one plant each month with Earth Spiral Apothecary's lead herbalist Kelly Benson as she combines over 15 years of herbal expertise into this approachable and inspiring embodied herbal class series for beginners.


Students will be invited to learn through Live Plant Spirit Journeys and Live Herbal Monographing & Musings.

Class Features

  • 1 hr Live Sessions will be held on Zoom. Recordings will be available for those who can't join live!

  • Guided meditation and movement home-play offering will be sent out via email

  • Access to a private online herbal student community space within Mighty Networks

Virtual Learning + Gathering Online

Classes will be held via Zoom. Stay tuned for our new online class schedule!


Community: Participants are invited to join a private online community held within Mighty Networks to offer a virtual space for continued connection, education and inspiration for the duration of enrollment

Live Sessions feature 1 Hour Embodied Herbalism Class

Sample Class: Red Raspberry Leaf
Live Monograph + Herbs to Support Female Reproductive Health

This is an invitation to come deep dive with miss Red Raspberry, a feminine ally that has so much more to offer than reproductive system support! Most know her for this particular gift she offers, but she is also a potent ally for the cardiovascular system, GI, and kidneys ~ come drop in with me and learn all about her! We will meditate with raspberry leaf tea, discuss her gifts, energetics, folklore, & actions, and take a look at how she affects the ecology of the body. After a short break, we will gather back together and talk about some other reproductive system and sacral chakra herbs.

Our digital offers and online classes are still in development. While we expand our virtual experience, we we have paused our online registration while . Earth Spiral Community will be offering online educational opportunities for beginners to advanced herbal students.


We are excited to open doors to Earth Spiral Community online learning soon!
If you are local to the Northeast or able to travel and interested in herbalism, consider joining us for this incredible experience!
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