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Walk the Spiral Path..

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This is not allopathic herbalism. This is not symptom based herbalism. This is whole-human healing herbalism. Recognizing that we are not separate parts, and we are not separate from the whole, and we are not separate from the Light of Nature that pulsates through every living thing. In order to heal we need to heal on a multidimensional level, not just our physical bodies. The layers of trauma and disconnect stored in our energetic and emotional bodies fester and create stored patterns that manifest as physical symptoms. It is my intention to support you in being a truly holistic herbalist, recognizing that the body in itself contains it's own ecosystem, and expresses as a microcosm of the macrocosm. I will share ways to recognize and honor universal patterns and inspire you with a culturally rich perspective on working with Plants and People.

​The plant path empowers you to take your healing and health into your own hands. Our collective trauma and lack of connection to the Earth is loud and aching for deeply transformative change. The world of allopathic medicine ~ as well as heroic natural medicine ~ has been failing us for long enough. This is not a surprise, as you cannot separate science from Spirit. Science void of Spirit will fail, for we are souls wrapped in sacks of flesh very much interwoven and in direct communication with everything alive around us. As well as to the non-linear, unseen realms. We are electric beings of frequency and vibration, each carrying our own unique elemental and energetic blueprint. The Plants are no different. Each plant spirit carrying their own Planetary, Elemental, Spiritual, Psychological, & Physical virtues and gifts.

It is my intention to share with you the multidimensional layers of herbalism through working directly with the plants in an embodied way.

What Will You Learn? 

  • Materia Medica (Including Plant names, Uses, Energetics, History & Folklore, Psychological Indications, and Esoteric/Astrological Musings)

  • Embodied Relationships with the Plants we work with

  • Plant ID (live plant walks as we get into the warmer months)

  • Building your own herbal medicine cabinet. We will make a lot of medicine together as well as “homeplay” assignments working directly with the plants on your own time.

  • Family Herbal and First Aid 

  • The Many Avenues of Herbal Medicine Making

  • Working with Flower Essences

  • Layers of Medical Astrology and Planetary correspondences of plants.

  • Plant Spirit Communication & Somatic Meditations

  • Plants and the Chakras

  • Basic permaculture concepts specific to a medicinal herb garden through hands-on gardening work. 

  • The Art of Tea Blending & Effective Formulation

  • Herbal Energetics (doshas, tissue states, elements, tastes/flavors)

  • Herbal Actions & What they really mean

  • Learning to be a truly holistic herbalist deeply connected to Gaia and her abundant medicine

  • Medicinal Mushrooms ~ foraging and medicine making

  • Nervous System, Trauma, & Soul-Level Healing

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What will you receive..

  • Private group portal on Mighty Networks to stay connected, ask questions, and share experiences

  • Herbs and supplies for all Medicine Making we create as a group together

  • Herbs for all of our Plant Spirit Meditations, including our online connections, including

  • All digital and printed documents accompanying the material we work through (ALOT!)

  • A special journal for you to take notes with throughout our journey

  • 20% off products and events from Earth Spiral

  • Zooms will be recorded if you need to miss them.

  • “Homework” ~ reviews and assessments for integration and certification purposes

  • Final Project Assignment

  • Practicum Hours in the medicinal herb gardens (5 hours per month outside of our weekends together)

  • Nearly 150 hours of in-person quality time together (12-14 hours per month)

  • Approximately 50-60 hours of zooms (4-5 hours per month online)

  • Certification of Completion

  • Our Closing Ceremony and Celebration Weekend in September will be very special with an herbal infused dinner and mocktails, root harvesting and medicine making, sauna, and integration circle.

  • All guest teacher workshops ~ TBA



Curriculum Outline | *Subject to slight shifts but monthly themes are solid


Welcome to the Spiral Path. Our in Person meeting days are Fridays from 1-7 and Saturdays from 10-5,

with breaks for snacks and a shared meal time each day (bring your own). If traveling a further distance, please connect with Kelly about potential sleeping accommodations. We will be gathering monthly for a whole year at our new 22 acre farm, apothecary, and homestead in Auburn, Maine. This apprenticeship is extra special as you will get to see first hand what creating a medicinal herb farm from scratch looks like, with plenty of hands-on work in the gardens and directly with the plants.

Practicum hours are required for each student from September through November 2024 ~ and again April or May through September of 2025, and this includes 5 hours per month outside of our scheduled weekends ~ totaling 40 hours upon completion of the program. Practicum hours are a unique opportunity to have more quiet solo time with the plants tending to tasks. These tasks include planting seeds, moving compost, plants, and soil, and watering, harvesting, and processing plants. This is intentional time for you to drop in with yourself and the land, and listen deeply ~ touch, taste, smell, and feel the energy directly without distractions of taking in information from the external in a group setting. These hours can be scheduled at you own convenience throughout the week.

This curriculum interweaves many layers of energetic architecture and spiritual herbalism with practical scientific theory and information. It is intentionally laid out in a way in which the themes and teachings overlap, so you can have a rich universal perspective and learn how interconnected these teachings are.

Medical Astrology is not mainstream pop astrology, focused on personalities and predictions. It is rather grounded and rooted in scientific theory, as we learn about the planets through our own bodies and the plants. It teaches us how the sky and earth are intimately connected, and how the macrocosm manifests within the microcosm of individual living organisms.

Having this perspective will make you a better herbalist, as it provides you with a unique lens from which to see through. It lightly overlaps our monthly modules beautifully.

Any curriculum questions, or any questions at all, can be sent directly to Kelly via email



Day 1:

Opening Ceremony & Weaving of Coven 

~A brief history of herbal medicine in the west and sharing about the Vitalist and Wise Woman Lineages of Medicine

~Plant Spirit Communication ~ Weaving into the Spiral ~ Our Core Embodied Plant Practice 

Day 2:

~ Introduction to Astrological Herbalism & The Chakra Herbal

~ Medicine Making 101

~ Nourishing Herbal Infusions ~

Choosing your plant to work with more intimately for the next month,

you shall nurture this relationship daily.



1 Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Rooting into Herbal Actions ~

1 Q&A, shared experiences, & Recap   ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive  & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts


Day 1: 

~ Elemental Herbalism

~ Saturn & The Root Chakra in Plants & People

~ Venus in Plants & People

~ Seed Sharing ~ consider your at home herb garden for this season!

  Choose one seed variety to “court” until next month’s planting ceremony and intention setting.

Day 2:

~ Dr. Emily Wilson from Pelvic Wisdom

~ Medicine Making ~ Womb Oil & Yoni Steam Blend

Choose your herb to work and deep dive with this month and set your intentions.



~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Sacral Chakra & the Reproductive System

1 Q&A, Integration, & Recap ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts



Day 1:

~ Energetic Herbalism ~ 5 Tastes & Flavors ~ embodied tasting circle

~ Mars in Plants & People

~ Seed Planting Ceremony ~ Intentional Action & Source of Will

Day 2:

~ Solar Plexus & the Digestive System

~ Medicine Making ~ Fire Cider and Bitters!


~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Q&A, Review, & Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts




Day 1

~ Sacred Cacao Journey & Plant Transmission

~ The Sun in Plants & People

~ Heart Chakra & Circulatory System 

Day 2

~ Nourishing Herbs & Wild Weeds

~ Medicine Making & First Spring Harvests & Plant ID Walk



~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ The Three Doshas ~

~ Q&A, Review, Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts




Day 1:

~ Throat Chakra Musings & Plants that Support Respiration & Breath

~ Mercury in Plants & People

~ Six Tissue States ~ Traditional Western Herbalism

Day 2:

~ The Art of Tea Blending

~  Medicine Making

~  Nettle Harvest and ID Walk


~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Six Tissue States ~

~ Q&A, Review, Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts



Day 1:

~ Third Eye Chakra ~ Herbs for Sleep, Intuition, Brain Health, and The Unseen Realms

~ The Moon in Plants & People

~ The Deterioration of Collective Critical Thinking ~ Recognizing Patterns & Propaganda

Day 2: 

~ Saint Johns Wort Harvest and Medicine Making!

~ Herbal Skin Care Making an oil serum, mist, & cream (welcoming Alyssa Pittera of The Salty Rose)


~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Q&A, Review, Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts




Day 1:

~ Crown Chakra & The Higher Mind & the Plants that Support Consciousness

~ Jupiter in Plants & People

~ Tulsi Harvest & Medicine Making

Day 2:

~ Guest teacher ~ gardening intensive, soil health, and permaculture

~ The Family Herbal ~ Herbal First Aid Plant Id Walk


~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Q&A, Review, & Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry Chakra Deep Dive & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts




Day 1:

~ The Three Outer Planets

~ Harvests and Gardens

Day 2:

~ Flower Essences with Guest Teacher ~ TBD

~ Plant ID & Harvests


~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ Review of the 7 Inner Planets & Chakra Herbal ~

~ Q&A, Review, & Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry, Journal Prompts, & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts




Day 1: 

~ The Nervous System, Trauma, & Soul-Level Healing

~ Trauma-Informed Materia Medica

Day 2:

~ Medicinal Mushroom Class - Special Guest Teacher TBD

~ Effective Tincture Formulation 


~ Plant Spirit Meditation ~

~ The Immune System & Herbs that Support Vitality ~

~ Q&A, Review, & Integration ~


~ Self-inquiry, Journal Prompts, & Homeplay Worksheets

~ Playlists & Podcasts


Month 10: The World of Alchemy and Spagyrics

Month 11:

Month 12:

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Apprenticeship Investment | Contract 

Earth Spiral Community strives to meet our community in an accessible space when it comes to the financial investment for our educational offerings.

500$ Deposit upon registration

* This goes towards your tuition and is 50% refundable until August 1st, 2024.

Tuition Options:

Option 1:  3500$ Paid in Full (includes deposit)

Option 2: Three Monthly Payments of $1,100

Option 3: Eight Monthly Payments of $437.50

Option 4: Payment Plan ~ 325$ per month for 12 months


Contracts regarding refunds and commitment to the course are required to register.

No refunds will be issued after our start date, even if on a payment plan. Please read the contract attached below to review student expectations and sacred agreements.

This is an intimate circle of 13 max.

How to Apply 

If you signed up for the waitlist, you will be the first to receive an application via email from Kelly.

Once the application is complete and submitted, Kelly will review and inform those that applied by October 15th.

Once waitlist applicants are considered and determined, if there is still space applications will be available here publicly on October 16th.

If you are approved, Kelly will reach out and share next step on how to set up a payment plan.

Please review required commitments and agreements to be a part of the Spiral Path Apprenticeship

Once your application is received and reviewed Kelly will be in contact with you within 1 week


Embodied Herbalism

Lets embark on the Spiral Path 

A journey inward back to the simplicity of presence, balance, and transmutation of the dark parts locked away tight within us into light, space, and freedom. It is in re-connecting with the earth and all of her offerings and taking the healing wisdom of these sentient beings into our vessels - that we are transformed and wrapped up in the safety of our own innate wisdom and intuition.

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