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This Apprenticeship IS for you IF

  • You are a wombman deeply committed to the path of self awareness and internal exploration.

  • You are committed to show up in complete authenticity and vulnerability

  • You have an interest and desire to learn about herbal medicine through the colorful lens of the Chakra System and in a body based, interactive learning environment.

  • You have a desire to gain the knowledge and tools to create a home apothecary, identify local plants, make your own medicine, and share this with your family, loved ones, and community.

  • You have a strong desire to explore and safely oscillate in your trauma wounds

  • You have a desire to take your health and healing into your own hands, and understand that this requires work and commitment.

  • You are ready to shed old stories about yourself and what you think you know - and are committed to being present -  with an open mind, and an even more open heart, and allow the subtle yet powerful shifts and epiphanies to take place.

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I invite you to explore and learn about herbal medicine through the colorful lens of the Chakra system and your very own body. This intensive class series is for those on the path of deep healing and self discovery.

- Apprentice Kelly Benson


Course Dates: April 2023 - October 2023

Opening session will be held online August 4th, the Thursday before the first in-person meeting. We will gather to get oriented, introduce ourselves and review an overview of the course curriculum.



Live in-person Sessions on the 2nd Thursday August 11th-November + 2 Zoom Integration sessions. The general month to month flow will be:

  • Week 1: In Person Meeting at the Farm

  • Week 2: Live Q&A (online)

  • Week 3: Integration & Sharing (online)

  • Week 4: Time off to work at home, connect with self + plant



We will meet at my farm in Durham second Thursdays of the month April-October. 


Opening Session + Closing Session will be extended into the evening with Dinner, a Fire, and evening workshops/celebrations. September-December will wrap up for the day around 5pm.

Food + tea will be served: Local, Organic, Homemade lunches and ever-flowing tea bar are included.


There will be suggested practices and "assignments" throughout the course to help enrich your understanding of the plants and educational content.


Exploring The Rainbow

Course Themes: Month to Month

Each month we will welcome a guest teacher sharing their special passions and gifts and leading us in connective hands on, body based, interactive workshops aligning with each month’s chakra and plants. 


Each month we will enjoy homemade medicinal nourishment for our lunches also tailored to that month’s plant themes. 


Each month we will explore a different avenue of medicine making - and formulate our own personal remedies to take home.


Sacral Chakra

Adrianna Devine • Reiki Master Teacher

Root Chakra

Erika Halaby • Outdoor Educator • Reiki Practictioner • Yoga Teacher

Solar Chakra

Kelly Patterson • Reiki Master Teacher Holistic Health Coach • LMT

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Heart Ceremony

Andi Blinn • Certified Yoga Teacher • Sacred Medicine Carrier

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Heart Workshop

Sonya Ritter • Wildflower Apothecary Owner + Herbalist


Heart Leader

Kelly Benson • Apprenticeship Host Herbalist • Medicine Maker

Throat Activation

Jordan Kyrousis • Oracle •  Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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Throat Chakra

KateLyn Costa • Trauma Informed Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Third Eye/ Crown

Mischa Schuler • Clinical Herbalist• Cranio Sacral Therapist

Apprenticeship Tuition


Apprenticeship Investment

Sliding Scale Payment Options 

  • Support - $1200; reserving for those needing extra support financially

  • Standard- $1350  tier is 1350$ for the series

  • “Pay it Forward”- 1500$ - supporting scholarships and monthly donation based community events 


Deposit of $250 holds your spot. Balance due by July 31st. 


Payment plans: Deposit of $250 holds your spot. Then you are able to pay in 2 or 4 final payments. 


split payments of 2 or 4 are available - the first being made to reserve your spot and then once monthly for the 4 payment option and two months from first payment for 2 payment option.


This option adds an additional non refundable charge of $100 to cover administrative time. 


SCHOLARSHIPS (THESE SPOTS ARE FULL FOR THIS SESSION, PLEASE CONSIDER APPLYING FOR THE NEXT)-  if you are experiencing extreme financial hardship and are in your first 2 years of recovery from substance use disorder  - there are two partial scholarship spaces which come out to just 75$ per month totaling 450$ for the series. Please contact our team via short application.

WORK TRADE (THESE SPOTS ARE FULL FOR THIS SESSION, PLEASE CONSIDER APPLYING FOR THE NEXT): For this particular apprenticeship offering, I am calling in ONE Work Trade position in our apothecary here at the farm. The person who fills this role will receive full payment in trade for working hours with us here.

This work trade opportunity will cover the full cost of the apprenticeship: 70 hours of apothecary/garden work in exchange for the 6 month intensive.
While you will be learning a lot, you will be working in the apothecary or in the garden alone a bunch and sometimes or with myself, Ethan, or others. We are seeking someone who is independent!

Please fill out our short application form and Kelly will contact you directly.

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A Gift to Self

Embarking on the plant path is a "HOMECOMING" (a term coined by her own plant mentor). A journey inward back to the simplicity of presence, balance, and transmutation of the dark parts locked away tight within us into light, space, and freedom. It is in re-connecting with the earth and all of her offerings and taking the healing wisdom of these sentient beings into our vessels - that we are transformed and wrapped up in the safety of our own innate wisdom and intuition.  ~ Kelly Benson

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