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to Our Online 

online herbal training sessions designated to help you on your plant path 

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What's Included...

  • 36 hours of live zoom classes with advanced plant / herbal education

  • (12) 2-3 hour sessions, recorded demos, meditations, module documents, reviews, Q&A opportunity

I invite you to explore and learn about herbal medicine through the colorful lens of the Chakra system and your very own body. This intensive class series is for those on the path of deep healing and self discovery.

- Earth Spiral Ministries Co-Founder and Plants in Color Creator Kelly Benson

Online Series Dates:

Live Online January~July | Bi-Weekly Weds Night Meetings

Online Format + Online Community

Classes will be held live with Kelly Benson and special guests via Zoom.

Participants will also be invited to join a private online community space once they are registered. This will be not only an online classroom for resource sharing, but will also allow for growth and connection with all students engaged with our new herbal series.

Herb Infused Oils

ONLINE Education & Engagement

Discovering The Chakra System & Plants:


November 23 ~

Intro/Opening. Weaving in the Wise Woman Tradition, Plant Spirit Meditation with Nettle


December 7

Nourishing Herbs & Wild Weeds, Root Chakra Plants, Burdock Plant Meditation, Q&A


December 21

Elemental Herbalism, Sacral Plants, Herbal Action Intro (Tonic and Emmenagogue Share), Rasp Leaf Mediation & Talk


Jan 4

Sacral Inquiry, Mallow Meditation & Talk, Reproductive Plant Ally Discussion, Herbal Action (Demulcent & Antispasmodic), Q&A


Jan 18

Solar Plexus intro, Trauma & The digestive system, Lemon Balm Meditation & discussion.

Herbal Action (Carminative & Nervine)


Feb 1 

Solar Inquiry, Herbal Energetics & The Five Flavors, Schisandra Meditation & Discussion, Herbal Action (Adaptogen & Stimulant), Q&A


Feb 15

Anahata Intro ~ Softening into the Feminine Heart & the Element of Air, Rose Mediation & Discussion, Herbal Action (Astringent & Aphrodisiac)


March 1

Anahata Inquiry, Tissue States, Linden meditation and discussion, Herbal Action (Alterative & Analgesic), Q&A

March 15

Vishuddha Intro ~ Opening up the lines of Communication, Embodying Truth, and Boundaries, Breath, Sound, and Aromatics, Herbal Action (Expectorant & Antitussive) 

March 29

Vishuddha Inquiry, Exploring plants for the respiratory system, Herbal Action (Vulnerary, Diaphoretic)


April 12 ( NOTE! only one week to next/last class, not two)

Ajna & Sahasrara Intro, Exploring the unseen realms, dreams, and intuition and the plants that support them, Herbal Action (entheogen & hypnotic) 


April 19

Ajna & Sahasrara Inquiry, plants for excessive air/anxiety and mental health, closing circle


Online Series Investment

Earth Spiral Ministries strives to meet our community in an accessible space when it comes to the financial investment for our educational offerings. Each sliding scale option features payment plan opportunities.


What you are investing in:

Over 36 hrs of Online Live Sessions with Kelly Benson

At Home Play and Activities

Herbal Study Resources and Chakra System take home tools

Private Online Community

Donation Tiers: 

Needing Support ~ 888 all at once, or four split payments of 250, or 6 monthly payments of 175 ~ This is specifically for those that are experiencing financial hardship.

Standard ~ 999 all at once, or four split payments of 275, or 6 monthly payments of 200$

Pay it Forward ~ Those currently in abundance ~ $1,111 all at once, or four split payments of $300, or 6 monthly payments of $250

To begin your Plants in Color journey, simply fill out our short form  to tell us more about yourselves, and payment options will be shared to confirm your spot

Medicinal Herb

Plant Empowerment

Embarking on the plant path is a "HOMECOMING" (a term coined by her own plant mentor). A journey inward back to the simplicity of presence, balance, and transmutation of the dark parts locked away tight within us into light, space, and freedom. It is in re-connecting with the earth and all of her offerings and taking the healing wisdom of these sentient beings into our vessels - that we are transformed and wrapped up in the safety of our own innate wisdom and intuition.  ~ Kelly Benson

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