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Divine Darkness | Autumn Gathering for Wombmen

October 15th, 2022   Opening Circle 3pm

On the Elemental Medicine Wheel, we are transitioning from the Fire of the Summer months, into the coolness and fluidity of the Water element of Autumn, followed by the rooted, denser energy of the Earth element of which is Winter. This evening will be all about nurturing our wild hearts and souls with nourishing foods and drinks, intentional movement, meditation and deep inner reflection, tea and cacao ceremonies, and sauna and cold plunges!”

We joyously invite you to gather here on the land with the intention of honoring the transitional, inward, slowness that Autumn brings forth here

in the Northern Hemisphere.

~ Divine Darkness Host + Earth Spiral Ministries Co-Founder Kelly Benson

Weekend Experience



3     Opening Circle, Cacao

5     Fire Ceremony Workshop

6     Dinner

8     Elemental Guided Dance Meditation with Kelly

Big Drums, Saunas, Tea Bar, & Cold Tubs open!


Sunday (optional)

7    Sunrise Fire Kundalini Meditation with Andi

8    Breakfast

9    Closing Circle


Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 11.29.00 AM.png

Accessibility for this weekend experience is important to Earth Spiral Ministries. If you cannot afford the suggested contribution, please pay what you can. Donations of any amount to support events like this are always welcome.


TO PAY: Complete the short registration form below and our team will send you a payment link.

Sliding Scale Donation

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