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Our mission is to deeply restore the connection between human and planet through nature immersion, education, community events and gatherings, and earth focused products and services. We strive to uplift the consciousness of the collective through restoration and reclamation of our connection to not only our Earth Mother, but to our truest and

most inspired versions of ourselves.

~ Earth Spiral Community Co-Founders Kelly & Ethan

Herbal Education & Community Healing

Check out Kelly's newest offering ~ RELEASE ~ REFLECT ~ NOURISH

A gentle and powerful New Year's gentle reset turned group elemental healing experience. This is a 7 week online offering for 13 women that feel the call to make some shifts, set intentions, and nourish themselves deeply. The Elements will be our guides on this journey of Self-Inquiry and Devotion to personal evolution

1:1 Trauma-Informed Somatic Herbalism

Working intimately together to deep dive into your body, mind, and soul imbalances and co-create a personalized system of support is the intention for this private work.

Women's Retreats, Monthly Herb Circles, and Community-Focused Events

We are community weavers and deeply desire to thread meaningful connections through networking and bringing conscious humans with big hearts together in many capacities!

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Dark Rocks

Our Apothecary 

We invite you while you are here to check out Earth Spiral Apothecary. What was previosuly known as Mindful Earth Herbals has now transitoned to Earth Spiral Community & Apothecary. Together with my partner Ethan, we are currently offering a full range of delicious herbal creations; from elixirs & teas, to tinctures & skincare from our space in Maine for your entire and whole being.

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Are you interested in contacting our team directly regarding an herbal consultation or personal care need? Inquiries are welcome at Earth Spiral Community and we appreciate you taking time to connect with us deeper. We will do our best to promptly reply to your request for support.

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Thank you for being here.

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